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Valentino Rossi Girlfriend Linda Morselli Is His Lucky Star

Time for new love has come, all right maybe this is not the love from just few months but this is the time when famous people like to show off with their love affairs, strong relationships and plans about engagements.

Valentino Rossi Girlfriend Linda Morselli

New love!

Valentino Rossi girlfriend Linda Morselli works as a model and she is maybe the most famous Italian face when it comes to the modeling, she was the second place on the Italian beauty contest and she now has the ticket for a lot more events than before, with the new relationship she can be a queen of the Italy if she wants it. Valentino Rossi girlfriend Linda Morselli is a down to earth girl, she isn’t the one who likes glamour and exclusive places, she likes to be on the good places, where she can enjoy in the good and healthy food, summer breeze and fresh fruit, she doesn’t like all the people who like to just watch her, she likes to go on the places where she can feel free to walk in her swimsuit, surrounded with the friends doing stupid things, because it is summer, it is the time when you can release your spirit and just dance on the music which comes from the first café.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Valentino Rossi girlfriend Linda Morselli bring the love back in the life of Valentino Rossi, she brought back the smile on his face, he is today maybe even bigger star because of she, she gave him the strength to work and to keep his first place. (more…)

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