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When you are entering the world of sport you must know some names like Clay Mathews, Lindsey Vonn, Tina Maze and others. The world scene has never been so important than now when you have a lot of popular sport faces. One of the world known sport man is Clay Matthew. He is an American football player, a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Today this player represents an idol for the young people.

Clay Matthews

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Clay Matthews girlfriend is Lindsey Vonn, a famous ski racer born in October, 1984th year. In World ski cup event which was organized in the Austria Lindsey Vonn, Clay Matthews girlfriend, fall from the racing track and she is in the hospital where she was operated. Her main competitor, Tina Maze won the first place. Lindsey Vonn, Clay Matthews girlfriend said to the media that isn’t something after what she will retire from the sport.


This is just the thing that will make her work more and be even more ready for the China contest 2014. It is a big deal to operate a knee because of the accident she had. In the days after the accident happen people may have thought that Lindsey Vonn will leave the sport for good.


They are stars in the discipline where they compete…

It could be possible that the first person that visited her after the operation on her knee was Clay Matthew. Because of lot obligations people often don’t enjoy in time and let the good days pass them. You have the right example of passion for sport in the girl who almost lost her life on the track, Clay Matthews girlfriend. Good things can happen if you think positive, that’s the thing with Lindsey. After this bad event there were even stories about their love relationship. It was a big question of possible marriage. For Clay Matthews girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn spirit and the character is the most important thing when it comes to her choice in life.

Clay Matthews

Preparation for her recovery has started

You often choose friends, you choose the man who will follow you, but the only thing you can’t choose is family. That is something Lindsey knows better than anybody else. She hasn’t spoken with her father for seven years. Imagine that? Because of the marriage with her college ski racer, and her coach Thomas Vonn. Clay Matthews girlfriend maybe is a mystery for us but you can always find something more about her in the “yellow press”. People will always talk and make up stories in order to better sell their product. This is unique chance to find out something more about this planetary known ski racer by the name Lindsey Vonn.