Everything about Sebastian Vettel girlfriend

You all know Sebastian Vettel! He is currently driving for Austria Red Bull driving team and Sebastian is a third time winner in the world championship. That means he is the current winner and the youngest diver ever with only twenty five years. When he started as a runner up for Red Bull team he was also the youngest racer ever. Today there is no such a talent in the world.

Sebastian Vettel

Great personality

There are a lot of categories in which he is the youngest talent ever, some of that are: scoring the championship points, to lead a race, to won the race, to be a part of the Grand Prix contest and to secure a pole position. Isn’t this maybe too much for him? No it isn’t! Because of his talent he opened the many doors for his sponsors to be a part of his success. As a young boy, growing in the West Germany, he was quite a bad boy in school, often had bad marks but he still got some prizes when it comes to the school contests. His big idol was Michael Schumacher.



Something more about his early life

Today he lives in Switzerland and is a fan of Germans football team called Eintracht Frankfurt. He likes Britain humor and listens to the Beatles. One year he was in the team of BMW where he scored the best time in the second day of practice. In 2009 year he accepted the contact with the Red Bull which lasts up today. This is the team which brought him the international fame and name in the valley of the big names as his role model.



About Sebastian Vettel girlfriend there is not much information. It is known that Sebastian Vettel girlfriend is a student for the graphic design. They meet in the school and after some years when they were friends something happen that showed there is love in their heart. Sebastian is even more respected because he keeps the details of his private life secured.


Sebastial Vettel


His love romance makes people envy 

You will never see Sebastian Vettel girlfriend on the races he takes. It is a big difference between him and his college Lewis Hamilton, because his girlfriend, now maybe ex-girlfriend Nicole Sherzinger, was always in the audience he her boyfriend Hamilton was on the race. No matter that, Sebastian Vettel girlfriend never talks about the love relationship they are in. Sebastian Vettel girlfriend also never shows off in public. They have some photos from the summer vacation, but that could be maybe the only way to see Sebastian Vettel girlfriend. Happiness means that sometime you have to be yourself, like Sebastian Vettel girlfriend.

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